Would you like to help or get involved?

We must, because we can!

You can make a single donation or contribute monthly either way you will receive a tax deduction for your gift.

For ongoing support, think about supporting our “A dollar a Day for Ukraine” program. A dollar a day is something we can all afford and you can join up for a regular donation of $50 per month. That’s $600 per year, which after your tax deduction benefit of $250 will cost you $350 - that’s a dollar a day.


United, we in Australia can make a difference. If 1,000 people get behind “A Dollar a Day for Ukraine”, that is a significant amount and change many lives!


There is no better time to act than now. Your contributions will touch and change the lives of many Ukrainians in need.

So please give big or give small and regular. By donating U-HELP Ukrainians in need!

Donations can be made online at:

You will receive the personal benefits of a tax-deductible donation and the assurance of Integrity in the use of the funds in Ukraine.

For most of us, every dollar donated will result in 45 cents in tax relief, but Ukraine will get the benefit of the full dollar.

Donations to the fund are tax deductible in Australia and can be made safely and securely by bank transfer or credit card. Just click the “Donate” icon and follow the prompts.

Supporting the largest Australian tax deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine: