Emergency Medical Responder Training (EMR)  

"The program will enhance Ukraine’s domestic medical standards and bring them up to parity with the west"

Emergency Medical Responder Training (EMR)

EMR course is a well-designed, internationally recognised training program that prepares individuals (including volunteers) to work as part of the emergency response system. Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries have successfully implemented this approach. Israel achieved one of the shortest EMS response times in the world using volunteer first responders. All available evidence suggests these courses result in better patient outcomes.


We lose veterans each day whilst they await medical treatment and the road traffic death rate in Ukraine is three times higher than in Western Europe. As in other countries, the effective response of the emergency medical responder increases survivability from trauma and decreases the incidence of disability.


Because ambulance response time varies widely across Ukraine, appropriately trained members of the public and veterans can provide immediate care prior to the arrival of the ambulance, which may help increase the survivability of patients.


Since 2016, 13 Emergency Medical Technicians have been certified in the United States. They have since conducted 22 courses for 532 students.


The EMR course is externally accredited by the American Health and Safety Institute. Course materials are approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and are a requirement for most public service workers: police, fire services, rescue services.


Our aim is to support the “first responder volunteer” the cost per student is approximately AU$170.

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