How can I donate?

​You can donate online at www.ukrainecrisisappeal.org

Are my donations tax deductible?


How will my donation help?

Your contribution will benefit two programs, which will provide training & support for current soldiers, veterans, their families and others in need. ​​ These are: Occupational Therapy Training Ukrainian Veteran Program

What are the programs the Crisis Appeal is supporting?

Occupational Therapy Training Program Currently there is no official education course for Occupational Therapy (OT) in Ukraine. Occupational therapy is critical to the rehabilitation process enabling people to participate in all the activities of life they need and want to do. This is a joint project between Curtin University, WA and the Ukrainian Society of Ergotherapists (OT). The program will be hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic University Lviv and would enable sustainable, world class rehabilitation skills training to occur, upskilling local health workers, who can then train others. To run this course, we need to raise $105,000 to help teach Ukrainians how to bring a better quality of life to the disabled and injured. Ukrainian Veteran Program This program is currently helping 25 injured veterans and about 100 family members who require assistance. Their specific medical, psychological, domestic, legal and social needs were assessed and these needs are now being addressed, with a view to getting each veteran back on their feet. The goal is to enable them to re-engage as useful members of their communities and reduce their struggles as a result of being wounded. Further funds are needed to reach full rehabilitation and increased support. This program was designed in partnership with Caritas, with the initial $128,000 raised last year for the Crisis Appeal funding its development and initial supports.

Why were these programs chosen?

These programs will fulfil immediate lifesaving needs of the crisis-affected civilian and veteran population in Ukraine. These programs also have incredible organisational partners and supporters, who previously successfully implemented these programs elsewhere around the world, with amazing outcomes.

Who is coordinating this?

A dedicated humanitarian aid committee within the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations is coordinating the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, with each special program listed above having partner organisations who coordinate rolling out these initiatives in Ukraine. For the Occupational Therapy Training Program we are working with Curtin University (WA), the Ukrainian Society of Ergotherapists and Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. The Veteran Program is run through Caritas.

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