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Humanitarian Aid

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine our focus changed completely to provision of emergency services to displaced persons in Ukraine (food, shelter/hygiene products, medical aid, clean water, clothing etc) via our on the ground partner Caritas Ukraine. We have spent $1,250,015 on the program so far and contributed to the following:

  • Assistance provided to 1,182,978 people

  • 621,906 food packages delivered

  • 247,143 hygiene kits delivered

  • 33,034 kits with bottled water provided to areas with limited/no access to clean water

  • 79,277 sets of bedding distributed

  • 23,843 people were provided with emergency accommodation

  • 7,606 people received psychological consultations

  • 31,667 people received legal aid and special assistance services

View a detailed report - May 2022

View a detailed report - March 2022

View a detailed report - August 2022


Since 2015 we have been helping people in need in Ukraine. And now we are in need of your donations more than ever.


Medical Aid

Ukraine Crisis Appeal donations have funded over $1.75 million of critical lifesaving medical supplies.

An additional $18 million of medical supplies were generously donated by Australian hospitals and medical providers.

Our partners CH2 and RAWCS aided with storage and packing, and QANTAS with free airfreight of the shipments to the United Kingdom.

Numerous volunteers navigated the logistical challenge of transporting our medical supplies from the United Kingdom to Ukraine.

Many brave Ukrainians distributed the medical supplies to regions and medical facilities with greatest need, including:

  • 24,360 Israeli bandages

  • 8,600 tourniquets

  • 11,400 hemostatic gauze

  • 1,800 Infusion pump sets

  • 412 orthopedic kits and related supplies

  • 20 Portable ultrasounds

  • 2,000 medical backpacks

  • General consumables including IVs, catheters, defibrillators, syringes, oximeters, first aid kits, bandages, thermos blankets, and more.

IDP Emergency Housing

It is estimated that 1 in 3 displaced people in Ukraine are homeless.

Many Ukrainians have endured the greatest grief - the loss of a partner, or a child, or even unimaginably multiple close and extended family members killed or seriously injured. These individuals and families now need more than shelter and refuge. Assistance is required in coming to terms with their grief and in navigating how to move forward alone.

Together with our partner Caritas Ukraine, Ukraine Crisis Appeal is establishing safe home refuges with complex relief services for children and their families fleeing the russian war in Ukraine.

Caritas Ukraine Safe Homes project is providing appropriate domestic settings and immediate complex psychosocial support to displaced families with children including psychological aid, organized children’s leisure activities, restoration of learning process as well as fostering the integration of internally displaced persons into the hosting community.

Services and support include:

  • Specialist assistance and counselling to assist residents overcome the trauma of war and to regain confidence and life skills to work and live unsupported.

  • Only one family accommodated per room to provide the necessary privacy required for individual family units to navigate through their own journey of recovery.

  • Encouraging socialisation by assisting with employment and children’s local school attendance.

  • Encouraging self-sufficiency through community gardens, farming, common projects etc.

  • Serenity and security with the shelter tucked away in the woods of a village and gated to enable additional level of security comfort.

Per Safe Home project cost of repurposing a building, fit-out and a 12-month program is $AUD175,000.

View a detailed report (August 2022)

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Nazaret Rehabilitation Program

This program is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course designed for the veterans. Thanks to the funds of the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, the Nazaret Centre has been equipped with rooms for people with disabilities to ensure accessibility for all. The first group of veterans together with family members have completed the course.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Crowded Hospital Garden

Veteran Aid

The russian invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine in early 2014 and ongoing fighting led to the death of more than 9,000 soldiers and over 20,000 casualties.


So, how we helped? By designing special programs with Caritas. 


The aid programs that Caritas Ukraine operate specifically for veterans and their families address:​

  • psychological and psychosocial support

  • legal support

  • health care, home-based care

  • prevention of orphancy

  • prevention of institutionalization of children

  • prevention of violence and discrimination

  • advocacy, public policy-making 

View a detailed report


Scholarships for Cancer Specialists

Cancer patients in Ukraine are particularly vulnerable. The war will delay diagnosis, prevent access to treatment and potentially expose ordinary mums and dads and children to carcinogenic substances.

A team of oncology health specialists in Australia and USA have formed Help Ukraine Group (HUG), connecting with cancer care providers in Ukraine, identifying the most urgent needs and finding practical solutions.

While hospitals are in ruins, there is the opportunity for Ukrainian health professionals to upskill, enabling the rebuilding of Ukraine in line with international standards.

We have already secured 2 positions for medical physicists with the ICON Group in Brisbane and Sydney. Our aim is to fund at least another 2 positions in each of the following professions: radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, oncology surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists.

OT Training

Prior to February 24, 2022, The Ukraine Crisis Appeal successfully funded Professional Occupational Therapy skills training courses in Ukraine.

Occupational Therapy is an essential service which has life changing benefits for those with disabilities, such as Veterans and any individuals with needs for rehabilitation. Thanks to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, an official skills course and materials were created, and the first round of training was successfully completed.

View a detailed report

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