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Humanitarian Aid

With the invasion of Ukraine and the alarming rise of people in crisis, all funds received by the Ukraine Crisis Appeal are going toward urgent humanitarian aid. We are working with our existing partner Caritas. Aid delivered includes items such as food, clean water, blankets, emergency housing, clothing, medical assistance, and more. 

#StandWithUkraine and Donate today!

Click here to view a detailed report (PDF)


Since 2015 we have been helping people in need in Ukraine. And now we are in need of your donations more than ever.

Crowded Hospital Garden

Nazaret Rehabilitation Program

This program is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course designed for the veterans. Thanks to the funds of the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, the Nazaret Centre has been equipped with rooms for people with disabilities to ensure accessibility for all. The first group of veterans together with family members have completed the course.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Veteran Aid

The russian invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine in early 2014 and ongoing fighting led to the death of more than 9,000 soldiers and over 20,000 casualties.


So, how we helped? By designing special programs with Caritas. 


The aid programs that Caritas Ukraine operate specifically for veterans and their families address:​

  • psychological and psychosocial support

  • legal support

  • health care, home-based care

  • prevention of orphancy

  • prevention of institutionalization of children

  • prevention of violence and discrimination

  • advocacy, public policy-making 

Click here to view a detailed report (PDF)


OT Training

Prior to February 24, 2022, The Ukraine Crisis Appeal successfully funded Professional Occupational Therapy skills training courses in Ukraine.

Occupational Therapy is an essential service which has life changing benefits for those with disabilities, such as Veterans and any individuals with needs for rehabilitation. Thanks to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, an official skills course and materials were created, and the first round of training was successfully completed.

You can help

Make an impact and help victims of the war in Ukraine

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