Veteran’s Aid Program

"The goal is to enable veterans to re-engage as useful members of their communities"

Veteran’s Aid Program

Since the war with Russia began in the Spring of 2014, it has taken more than 9,000 soldiers’ lives and resulted in over 20,000 casualties.


Many have injuries that will never fully heal - chronic phantom pains from amputations, burns covering much of their bodies, extensive brain damage.


In addition, many Ukrainian soldiers returning home suffer from psychological trauma. And their problems are not getting the attention they deserve. 


This is a major problem and it's one where moral and financial support from Australia can help make a big difference.

In 2019 Ukraine Crisis Appeal raised $128,000 to help war veterans and their families in Ukraine. 


So, where has that money gone? It is helping veterans in a special program we have designed with Caritas. The program has selected some 25 injured veterans and about 100 family members and, having assessed their specific medical, psychological, domestic, legal and social needs, is now addressing those needs with a view of getting each veteran back on their feet.


The aid programs that Caritas Ukraine operates specifically for veterans and their families address:

  • psychological and psycho social support

  • legal support

  • health care, home-based care

  • prevention of orphancy

  • prevention of deinstitutionalisation of children

  • prevention of violence and discrimination

  • advocacy, public policy-making 


The goal is to enable veterans to re-engage as useful members of their communities. It’s a big job.

That was a great effort but it wasn’t “job done”. It’s a drop in the bucket when there are 20,000 injured veterans to help.

We want to continue to tailor and develop this program and continue doing it.

Supporting the largest Australian tax deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine:

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