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Help Ukraine now

You can help provide emergency relief and humanitarian aid to those affected by the war.

* Donations are tax deductible


Ukrainians suffer every day from the effects of russian violence. That violence targets innocent civilians and society’s most vulnerable people. It destroys homes, hospitals and lives. It tears families apart and sends many into exile – millions of people being forced to leave their homes.

But Ukraine is undefeated and Ukrainians continue to fight – for their nation’s survival and for the right to determine their future. They need help to beat a brutal enemy that does not share the same values as Ukrainians – or Australians.

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal has been helping people in need since 2015 and is the Australian organisation best placed to provide humanitarian support since russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Nearly one year later, Ukraine continues to defend its territory and provides civilians with the support needed to rebuild lives and livelihoods.

Your support – and the support of the wider Australian community – has been critical to that success, however more needs to be done. Every dollar you give to Ukraine Crisis Appeal will help to save lives and rebuild communities. Your generosity will buy food, clothing and medicine, help to build shelter, provide medical and mental health assistance and ensure that millions of displaced men, women and children can live in safety and dignity.

Donate today to Ukraine Crisis Appeal and help save lives!

About Us

Ukraine Сrisis Appeal is the largest Australian tax-deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine. It is a collaboration between:

  • Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO)

  • Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

  • Caritas Ukraine


It was established in 2015 to help provide emergency and humanitarian aid to those affected by russia's war in Ukraine.

See the latest updates on our fund:

Partnered with Rotary Australia

About us

Our programs

Since 2015 we have been helping many of those affected by the war in Ukraine through our main programs:

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food packages have

been delivered


hygiene kits have

been delivered


first-aid kits and

sets of medications


places of temporary shelter

How your donations help

Fundraising Progress

for tax deductible and non tax deductible donations

$9,023,506 raised of our $10,000,000 goal

Help us reach our goal!

Our Partners


Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations


Rotary Australia

World Community Service





Rotary Kyiv Club International




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