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As of June 2022, over 7,000 visas to Ukrainians were issued with approx. 3,000 arrivals from Ukraine.

The Ukraine Crisis Appeal Resettlement Fund’s mission is to help all Ukrainian displaced persons upon arrival in Australia. We help bridge the gap in government or other available support in providing professional support for resettlement, and assist their integration into Australian society.

Who we are

The AFUO - Ukraine Crisis Appeal Resettlement Fund is more than just a fund. We are a part of the Australian Ukrainian community who together over 70 years have forged a strong presence to become an integral part of Australia.

Our experience and understanding of the Ukrainian psychology best positions us to provide the transitional and long-term support our newcomers' needs in Australia.

  • Their daughters and sons are our daughters and sons

  • Their pain is our pain

  • We are on this journey with them from beginning to end

  • Today they are newcomers, but AFUO’s aim is that they will always be a part of our community while in Australia.

Where your donations go

Resettlement Fund is managed by volunteers (who do NOT charge administration fees).

Our partner RAWCS is a global trusted volunteer organisation and only charge a 2.75% admin fee. This means that 97.25% of your donations are used for the recipients.

Our aim is to bridge the gap in government or other available support, to provide professional support for resettlement which includes:

Emergency financial support:

  • Emergency medical expenses

  • Emergency daycare expenses

  • Rental assistance

Community integration:

  • English courses

  • Home setup

  • Seminars on health and entering the Australian workforce

  • Children’s programs: retreats, camps, sports, and music classes

Visa Support:

  • Visa & immigration support 

  • Document translation assistance

  • Assistance with BUPA health checks required for a 786 visa

Educational programs: 

  • Bridging courses to have qualifications accepted in Australia

  • Life-skills: swimming, first aid, driving lessons

  • Tertiary education support

  • Seniors' programs

All donations are tax deductible

Donations to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal - Resettlement Fund are collected through our partner Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS), which allows your donation to be tax-deductible. All monies and results are 100% transparent, reported and published.

Fundraising Progress

$422,892 raised of our $500,000 goal

Donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal - Resettlement Fund today and

make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian displaced people in Australia!