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Dan Wolody - 0401 311 596

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About Us

Ukraine Сrisis Appeal is the largest Australian tax-deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine. It is a collaboration between:

  • Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations

  • Rotary Australia World Community Service

  • Caritas Ukraine


It was established in 2015 to help provide emergency and humanitarian aid to those affected by russia's war in Ukraine.

See how we operate.

Partnered with Rotary Australia

Frequently asked questions

How can I donate?

You can donate online via this site -

We partner with Rotary to accept donations, which allows for donations to be tax-deductible in Australia.

Is my donation tax deductible in Australia?


How will my donation help?

Listed below are the programs we supported prior to the current invasion in Ukraine. These programs are now on hold, and all funds are being directed to urgent humanitarian aid for people in crisis.

These programs provide training & support for veterans, their families, and others in need.


These are:

  • Occupational Therapy Training

  • Ukrainian Veteran & Family Support Program

  • Nazaret Rehabilitation Program

Why were these programs chosen?

These programs fulfil immediate lifesaving needs of the crisis-affected civilian and veteran population in Ukraine. These programs also have proven organisational partners and supporters, who previously successfully implemented these programs elsewhere around the world, with amazing outcomes.

Who is coordinating this?

A dedicated humanitarian aid committee within the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations is coordinating the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, with each special program listed above-having partner organisations who coordinate these initiatives in Ukraine. For the Occupational Therapy Training Program, we are working with Curtin University (WA), the Ukrainian Society of Ergotherapists, and the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. The Veteran programs are run through Caritas and Nazaret.

Is the Ukraine Crisis Appeal the best charity to support?

We only use volunteers - 97.5% of all donations made will go directly as an aid to Ukraine. Weekly meetings with our partners in Ukraine ensure progress tracking and assure the aid sent meets the current needs of beneficiaries.


All funds raised and results achieved are 100% transparent, reported, and published quarterly.

We are safe and secure and work with global, respected partners - Rotary Australia and Caritas Ukraine.

Since the first-week war, our partner Caritas Ukraine has been providing emergency relief. In the first month they provided aid to more than 500,000 DPs:

  • 1,400 people daily live in Caritas Ukraine shelters,

  • more than 165,000 food packages and more than 75,000 hygienic kits have been given out,

  • more than 17,830 people received medicine and medical supplied,

  • more than 32,170 people received bedding,

  • more than 750 tons of humanitarian goods were sent to active conflict locations, and more than 150 tons went to other humanitarian organizations in Ukraine,

  • mental health support and other support were provided for 77,546 people,

  • 60% of beneficiaries are female.

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